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Terms of Use

  • All Monumental Records music downloads are non-exclusive without further expressed written consent.

  • No Monumental Records music may be published without expressed written consent.

  • Use of any non-exclusive content in audio media (e.g. podcasts, radio) must give audible credit as "Monumental Records dot net."

  • Use of any non-exclusive content in visual media (e.g. commercials, video games) must give visible credit of "[song name] downloaded from"

  • Adam Fields Monumental Records (ASCAP) will receive 50% of royalties for any song containing music written by Adam Fields.

    • This includes but is not limited to digital (including streaming) and terrestrial radio formats.

  • Social media content containing music written by Adam Fields (e.g. YouTube, SoundCloud) must include text crediting ""

  • Any and all court and legal expenses will be paid by end user. User waives Adam Fields & Monumental Records of any liability.

  • Free content may change at any time.

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