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    Debut Solo Release from Desert Rock band The Murrays: "The Ghost of Abner Peeler"

Drawing from roots sewn in a hot Midwestern summer in 2005, a groundwork was lain that would eventually grow into a band known as The Murrays.

It was our honor to officially sign The Murrays to Monumental Records 7 years later for their debut release, "The Ghost of Abner Peeler."

Interestingly enough, lead singer/guitarist John Peeler is the great-grandson of the man who invented not only the first typewriter but the first airbrush.

The slight mysterious and coincidental moments continued while the album was recorded in 2011-2012, and it has manifested as a sound that can only be classified as "Desert Rock."

First Run SOLD OUT - Currently available Exclusively as a digital release, 2nd Run CD and Vinyl manufacturing is underway!

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